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Can you get it repaired?

You're what?

Tovah said he didn't feel like talking to Malloy.

Her mother has gone shopping.

I do not want to reply to his letter.


What the heck?

Anthony could use some sleep.

We've learned to take it seriously.

Julian directed a torrent of abuse at Sanche as she came late again for their weekly meeting.

I won't waste time trying to change Amanda's mind.

Blake is certain to come on time.

If you keep on drinking like that, you'll get sick.

Let's throw it away.

You're really angry.

What do you really see?

Of all my friends, he is the closest.


Doesn't love always begin that way?

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Classes have been suspended due to floods.


If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

I'll stop her.

The lines of this field run between magnetic north and magnetic south at the two poles.

I wouldn't rule it out.

I'm sorry, I have to answer messages.

I'll keep an eye on them.

Antonio sped up and caught up with Jordan.

I'm going to eat your head and I will laugh in front of your dead body, after this.

I just wanted tonight to be perfect.

You've changed.

Is the householder at home?


Space made a list.

I would like her to give me an explanation.

I've had it with your riddles.

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I didn't see any children in the park today.

Jack's book is interesting.

Juha deserved that.

Before long she will come back to the stage.

Have you finished your duties?

This grocery store only sells organic food.

This school supplies textbooks to its students.

"Do you drink your tea with milk or sugar?"- "No, I don't have it with either."

I wish I had studied English harder while young.

I'm sure we'll see each other again.

I'm not jealous.

This threatens to obliterate all the progress we have made over the years.

It doesn't fit well here.

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The coffee is cold.

Elric fooled us.

Have you ever had food poisoning?

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I was lovely.

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Ted doesn't have a fever.

Beef, please.

There is a huge arch over the road.

I really like these stories.

Recently, there have been signs that the economy is picking up steam.

Dory must've had a reason.

Seymour is still living in Boston.

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It seems like the rainy season is finally over.


I'm going to bake a cake for Ssi's birthday.

Gunnar pointed up to the ceiling.

In Germany and Austria, the names Chantal and Kevin are viewed very negatively.

Pickles given beat honey that's bought.

I was sitting next to them.

Did God really create the earth in a single day?

I'm always moody.


I waited for one.

I don't care how much it costs.

Randy wanted to make more money.

He is generous to excess.

Vistlik misses his daughter.

His scores are always better than mine, even though he doesn't study very much.

She found a job.


Do it when you have time.

There is a tendency for Japanese to want to know a certain amount of personal information about someone such as age, position and whether they are married or not, before they feel comfortable talking with a stranger.

The policeman called our attention to the danger of pickpockets.

I know exactly what I'm doing.

Judging by the size of this footprint, I'd say the perp is about six feet tall.

I had my brother put this room in order.

She turned up her nose at our offer.

I heard a man's voice.

There was not a weed left in the yard, nor a speck of dust on the floors, nor a single black grain or wild pea in the wheat.


There'll be coffee and cake at five.


Mats made no effort to apologize.

She is a charming woman.

I made my exam!


She will be along soon.

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I wash my hands.

I heard three explosions.

Are Protestants tired of the Bible?


He wants to drink champagne.

Just name a time and I'll be there.

I just signed the contract.

Ronald works for an American company.

That's so hard.


He plants sunflowers in the spring.

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Why don't you like talking about politics?


I'm sick of English.

He cannot be saved.

My daughter was premature.

You were too late.

He's young and healthy.

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John likes chess.

How much time do you spend playing games?

Have you ever weighed yourself?

I caught sight of the boy.

She asked me if I would be free next Sunday.

The teacher asked him, "What's the square root of 256?"

I had a bad headache. That's why I went to bed early.


Where is the Turkish embassy?

Must I repaint the wall?

Del is charming.


In that case, they fall behind.

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Where do we go?


I wasn't born knowing.

I'm sorry to trouble you so often.

Please don't go to any expense on my account.

Murat wants to sell his car.

We'll stay here.


Get him something to drink.

Please come and help me.

It was a certainty that the inhabitants of this island had committed horrible crimes.

I didn't get the invitation.

Do you think it means something?


Are you coming?

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If you go out so lightly dressed, you'll catch a cold.


He decided to quit smoking.

It doesn't matter right now.

I practiced my English on him.


That's entirely up to you.

I witnessed the amazing moment when the pigeon broke the egg.

She was at home at the weekend.

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This is nothing.

She likes to wear dark colours.

The story is very interesting to me.


Teresa trimmed his mustache.

That's a good choice.

This affair is rapidly turning into a scandal.

There is a cottage beyond the bridge.

Did you happen to see my German books?


I'll let you talk to Kyung.

Evelyn was being polite.

Ernst knows nothing of sewing or knitting.

We have to get you out of here.

I'm glad Shane isn't here.

Diane's house is on fire.

I don't know why the meeting was postponed.


Let's not waste time discussing things we can't change.

I have nothing particular to do.

This is how I got acquainted with them.

Maria does anything we tell him to do.

Artificial tidelands are being developed on a country-wide basis.


Something tells me that she has found them.


Murat is having trouble dealing with his son's suicide.

Grant is the perfect guy for you.

You should try to optimize your time.


She's back there with some friends.

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I'm going to the center of the city.

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Nothing will come of his plans.

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She started to go through the bundle of letters.